Personal Menu and Pantry revamp


I would first like to apologise for the time between posts. That said, I am about to imbark  in an  in depth  reconstruction of my personal eating habits and menu. I am attempting to do my first triathlon and have began a decent work out program for training. I now need to incorporate a better diet to meet the needs of an increasing metabolism.

This path is not without its faults. I will need to figure out a way to still enjoy the chicken wings and beer that i do so love. The goal is to eat healthier foods that are specific in nutrients that i will need to maintain energy for a sprint level triathlon. This may become more complicated considering that I love good food which usually means high fat contents ( mmmm bacon ) or carb levels.

I will be posting all menu changes along with pantry upgrades and recipes as I work on them.

Please enjoy the upgrades and comment as you see fit.


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